DOVE Africa began when Ibrahim and Diane Omondi opened their home for a cell group in 1988. They were excited about planting a church in Nairobi, but had no idea that DOVE Africa would soon become a church planting movement. They explain: “In the beginning, getting to know neighbors in Nairobi was not easy; most people live life behind large gates or locked doors. But through the friendships that our young children made in the housing estate, we invited a few neighbors to a small group Bible study. From there, DOVE was born.” After several months, one of the ladies gave her life to Christ—a significant breakthrough. She immediately became a fervent evangelist. She invited her family members, her friends and her workmates to the cell group. A second and third cell group began. One year later, DOVE held the first Sunday church service. Within 6 months, the rented room was too small and DOVE Nairobi started meeting in a nearby school. Church planters were sent out from among the members. Most have moved on to plant not only one church, but to spearhead a church planting movement of their own. Whether it be in Uganda, the slums of Kibera, or other regions of Kenya, the movement spread. We believe that the time is now for DOVE Africa pastors and evangelists to reach out into the harvest fields, bring in the harvest and release men and women of God, young and old alike, to plant new churches. May God receive all the glory! His grace has brought us this far.


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