Who We ARE

DOVE Africa is part of a worldwide family of believers in Christ, DOVE International.

We share a common God-given vision, values, and mission to start and nurture churches and ministries that will transform the world around us. We are called to build the church from house to house, village to village city to city, and nation to nation through small groups.

DOVE Africa has churches and ministries in five countries. As a cell-based church planting movement, we emphasize relationships, accountability and spiritual parenting at every level. We encourage local church leaders to train God’s people to become spiritual fathers and mothers who nurture and release believers to minister to others.

God has called us to impact the world around us through prayer, evangelism and discipleship. DOVE is an acronym meaning, “Declaring Our Victory Emmanuel.” We are called to declare our victory in Emmanuel — God with us – as we experience first-hand Living the Kingdom – Transforming our World.


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