Work with your Spouses, Leaders urged

DOVE Africa leaders were encouraged to involve their wives in their ministry work in able to achieve the challenge 2020 church planting. The church leaders were urged to ensure that there is unity in their families to enable them be effective in serving God together.


Larry Kreider demonstrates how leaders need to work together as a couple

DOVE International Director Larry Kreider urged the more than hundred leaders converging during the Convention to work as a couple and especially in church planting. He said that the help and support given by women in ministry to their husbands can never be underestimated. 

“Men, we really need our wives,” said Larry amidst cheers from the women delegates who attended the convention held at Kitale, Kenya. Giving his own example of how they serve together with his wife, La Verne Kreider, he emphasized that working together as a couple does not necessarily mean that both see things from one point of view or the same way, but this gives them a chance to weigh various options before coming into a consensus.

Diane Omondi, the Apostolic Leader of DOVE Africa, concurred with Larry’s advice to men adding that it is biblical to involve women in leadership of the church. Diane quoted Deborah, who was a prophetess as seen in Judges 4:4 whose leadership can be emulated.


Diane Omondi speaking during Convention 2015



Diane advised women to ensure that they support and respect their husbands in ministry. She encouraged unity among couples as they serve God together. She added that there is need for all to work in harmony even though not in all cases where both are called to ministry work.

“Men require respect. Always support them and do not disagree with them in public,” she advised. She concluded by urging the leaders to ensure there is togetherness in their service to God.


By: Kenneth Irungu

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