Workshop Equips ECD Teachers

For a third time this year, Mr and Mrs Lee and their daughter Sarah who are missionaries in Kenya from South Korea have engaged teachers in Early Childhood Development training.

Sarah Lee leads ECD  teachers in a game during the workshop.

The workshop, held in DOVE Nairobi on October 19 and 20, benefited ECD tutors of DOVE-related schools.

The Lee family has specialized in children’s ministry, working closely with DOVE Nairobi. The family has greatly helped in teaching of the children by providing relevant materials for teaching the youngsters. In April and August this year, they held similar workshops.

The workshop saw twelve teachers from Ziwani Academy in Garissa, Seed Academy in Kitale and Faith Brooks Day care center in Lenana, Nairobi empowered and equipped with relevant skills.

The training was full of humour as teachers pretended to be small children and jumped, hopped and sang their way through the course. They undertook numerous exercises and games, which they were encouraged to teach their pupils in their respective schools.

Grace Mulwa, from Ziwani Academy, appreciated the opportunity for training. She said that the workshop was helpful since it introduced to them interesting, interactive and very informative modes of teaching young children. She added that the instructors imparted them with more skills of making children teaching effective.

The workshop was climaxed by issuing of certificates to all the participants and donation of necessary materials that will aid the tutors. Among the stationery provided were workbooks for every child in the respective schools, designed and produced personally by Mrs. Lee and Sarah.

DOVE is grateful to the Lee family for their continuous support and empowerment.

By Kenneth Irungu

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