Cyclone Relief Program-India


DSC03652A cyclone is known for the damage and destruction it causes to everything in its way. In India it was no different. It hit the states of Orrisa and Andhra Pradesh on Sunday, 12 October, 2014. The aftermath was ugly and devastating. According to Andhra Pradesh Revenue (Disaster Management) Department, a total of 248,004 people were affected, 70 houses were damaged and 34 animals died.

Fishing, which is the main occupation, here was disrupted because of the damage of the fish in the sea. Crops and fruit gardens were destroyed and so there has been a great need for food supply. Houses were also damaged and although the government promised to build new houses, it was not done. In trying to counteract the devastation, people have been getting private loans at high interest rates to try to put food on the family table. All these are consequences of the devastating cyclone.

In this context, Pastor Emmanuel of Home Fellowship Leaders in India came up with a relief program to help victims and particularly to show them the love of God. Their desire was to take care of their immediate physical needs as well as the eternity of their souls. They therefore provided not only food, but also the Good News. 135 families were supplied with a package of rice, dahl, cooking oil, onions, potatoes, bed sheets/blankets, and towels. This was an amazing gesture of the love of Christ.

IMG_20150605_135014“We ‘Declare Our Victory Emmanuel’ (DOVE) with love in the desperate conditions. It was not just a relief program but a 100% demonstration of the love of God in action,” explained Pastor Emmanuel. In addition, because of lack of water, Home Fellowship Leadership is trusting that they will be able to provide a pump for a specific water borehole. Water is a huge need, so leaving for these cyclone victims with water will be very significant.

By Rahab Muchunu



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